Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why write a blog?

My CEO has challenged me to explain why I keep a blog. He says he just doesn't get why most people write blogs - where do we get the presumption to think we have something so interesting to say we feel compelled to broadcast it to the world?

My first line of defence was that I have no such presumption and I don't mean to 'broadcast' my thoughts to anyone. The blog, I claimed, was just somewhere I can dump text, and then I'm able to refer people to it instead of having to repeat myself.

While this is rather true for a couple of posts (writing RTL and my name's spelling), it's a load of bull when it comes to anything else I've written.
I've realised long ago that I do have some pretty big presumptions about what I have to say to the world and about how much it would (or should) interest people.

I simply want to be heard. To feel that I'm being listened to. I like the attention.
It's a very basic human need, so I guess it's no surprise there are so many bloggers out there. As long as you don't expect people to read it, I see nothing wrong with it.

Yisrael, if you read this far, perhaps you could spare the time to read through the 'How Do You See the World?' post (it's the bottom-most one). I'd like to hear your answers.


Royi Avital said...

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Because he can...

Ron Rogers said...

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